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How to Troubleshoot the Garmin Connect Sync Error?

Garmin Connect Sync Error – Garmin has designed an online platform using which a user to sync and share their progress over the Garmin fitness device. This application is available for the smart devices and you can get started with it by simply signing in to the Garmin Account.
However, many users have recently pointed out a common issue with the Garmin Connect and this is “Garmin Connect Sync Error”. Basically, when the Garmin Connect does not sync to your smart device, you get such error. But you should now worry, we can help you to fix this issues. For that, you can follow this article with troubleshooting steps. Or you can contact the Garmin Support by placing a call at the toll-free number for and get required assistance.

How to Troubleshoot the Garmin Connect Sync Error?

Garmin Connect Sync Error

What Is Garmin Connect Sync Error?

Before getting to the steps to fix this issue, you must know about the issue. This will help you avoid this or similar problem in the future.

  • When Garmin is unable to exchange details related to current or previous activity on your Garmin device.
  • The two main cause of Garmin Connect Sync Error is the network issues or server issues.
  • Other than that, Garmin Connect Sync Error can be caused due to an issue with the Garmin Connect application.

However, you should not worry about your previous workout details. As it will remain saved to your Garmin Account and you can check the progress anytime by signing in to your account.

Although, you need to sign in to Garmin Connect to sync the current and for that, you need to troubleshoot the Garmin Connect Sync Error.

Step 1 – Check Internet Connection

Garmin Connect requires an internet connection to sync your data to your account. If your network has some issues then it may not work as it is supposed to work. For such issues, you can try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Check whether the internet is working or not working on your computer.
  • You can visit a web browser and search anything random (such as to make sure it is working.
  • After that, you can also check whether the Garmin Connect is blocked from using the network connection or not.
  • If you find any problem with the network connection then contact your internet service provider or ISP to eliminate the problem.

In case there is no issue with the Internet Connection then you can move to the next step to fix the Garmin Connect Sync Error.

Step 2 – Make Sure There Is No Server Related Error

The issue can be originated from the Garmin’s end. This means the possible cause of Garmin sync error is due to Garmin server related issues.

You can visit the website to check whether there is any official notification related to server error. If you find something then you are recommended to wait until the Garmin fixes the problem.

Otherwise, move to the next step to fix it. You can also contact Garmin Support to talk to a skilled technician to help you with your Garmin errors.

Step 3 – Remove Garmin Connect & Reinstall It

As discussed earlier, the Garmin Connect application is causing an error due to which you are unable to sync the data. This can be caused due to improper installation or lack of any updates.

To fix Garmin Connect Sync Error, we recommend you to uninstall Garmin Connect and then reinstall it.

  • Depending on your smart device, navigate to Garmin Connect application on your device.
  • Long press the Garmin Connect application and when the options appear, choose to Uninstall.
  • If prompted for permission, click Yes, Uninstall.
  • It will take a few minutes and after that, it will be done.
  • Now restart your device and once it is on, you can need to reinstall Garmin Connect.
  • In order to reinstall Garmin Connect, you need to check the system requirement first.

After that, you can visit the application store and install it for free. Then login to your Garmin account and you will have the Garmin Connect smoothly working on your smart device.

Step 4 – Get A Technician To Assist You –

If none of the above steps are working for you to fix the Garmin Connect Sync Error. Then you need to contact the Garmin Support. For that, you can try the difference means to access support such as toll-free number, chat support, request call back, join the support community, and more.

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These are some similar or related errors that users have faced. If you are having such a problem get a Garmin Technician now. offers an effective assistance for the user, you can call now as this is a 24/7 service.

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